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Legal Flex Private Hosting.

Exclusively for CBA Members. 

All the Benefits of the Cloud, 

None of the Risk. 

For the first time ever your firm can have all the benefits of the Cloud with none of the risks thanks to Legal Flex Private Hosting, now offered by your Preferred Vendor, Stage2Data. 

Legal Flex Private Hosting highlights:

Deployed within your infrastructure: Fully compliant 

100% Opex: No large capital purchases

Fully managed infrastructure 

Our team will install local hardware on the ground, in your firm, at zero capital expense. We then manage it 100%, charging you a simple monthly fee. It’s just as we promised - all the benefits of the cloud with none of the worry, compliance issues or prohibitive upfront costs. 

Like everything we do at Stage2Data our goal is to ensure the satisfaction and security of each of our clients. In keeping with that level of transparency, our exclusive CBA member pricing is as follows:

Package A: 1 to 500 employees: Starts at $1,399.99 per month

Package B: 500 to 2000+ employees: Starts at $2,699.99 per month

As your Preferred and trusted Vendor, we’re pleased to offer a solution that enables you to stay within the ever evolving area of compliance. For complete peace of mind, you will always have our dedicated team working beside you with Canadian 24/7 support.

Talk to one of our team experts dedicated to working with CBA members about data security that’s zero Opex, 100% managed and 100% secure. We look forward to hearing from you.

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